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WL1T (Solo Weightshift)
WL1E (Solo Weightshift, electric)
WL2T (2 seat Weightshift)
WL2E (2 seat Weightshift, electric)
AL1T (Solo 3 Axis)
AL1E (Solo 3 Axis, electric)
AL2T (2 seat, 3 Axis)
AL2E (2 seat 3 Axis, electric)

PF1Tm (Solo, male)
PF1Tf (Solo, female)
PF1E (Solo, electric)
PF2T (2 Seat)
PF2E (2 Seat, electric)

PL1T (Wheels, Solo)
PL1E (Wheels, Solo, electric)
PL2T (Wheels, 2 seat)
PL2E (Wheels, 2 seat, electric)

Powered Hang gliders
WF1T (Solo)
WF1E (Solo, electric)
WF2T (2 Seat)
WF2E (2 Seat, electric)

Microlight Autogyros
GL1 (Solo)
GL2 (2 Seat)

WS1 (Solo Weightshift)
WS2 (2 seat Weightshift)
AS1 (Solo 3 Axis)
AS2 (2 seat, 3 Axis)

WM1 (Solo Weightshift)
WM2 (2 seat Weightshift)
AM1 (Solo 3 Axis)
AM2 (2 seat, 3 Axis)

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Equipment hire
Below are some contacts for the hire of the specialist equipment you might need for your record attempt. If you know of anyone else who has any of this stuff available please contact rmh

Flight recorders
Any record claim is much more likely to be succesful if a suitable FR was used to record every detail of the flight.

  • AFE Aviation, Kidlington, Oxford
    01865 841441
    Type: Cambridge 302A
  • Richard Meredith-Hardy
    Type: Volkslogger
  • Your local gliding club
    The best kind of flight recorders are routinely used by glider pilots so someone at your local gliding club may have one to borrow or rent.

For flights above 10 - 14,000 ft.

  • AFE Aviation, Kidlington, Oxford
    01865 841441
    Type: Continuous flow with bag type mask. Not brilliant for microlights without a cabin and paramotors as the bag tends to flap around in the wind.
  • Your local gliding club
    Glider pilots sometimes fly very high and need oxygen equipment so someone at your local gliding club may know someone who has some equipment to borrow or rent.

For flights above 10,000 ft. / FL 100 in most places.

  • AFE Aviation, Kidlington, Oxford
    01865 841441
    Type: Self-contained portable.
    Note that there is more than one report of this transponder not working at the critical moment so make sure it really does before you use it for real.

Last updated 31 January 2008