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WL1T (Solo Weightshift)
WL1E (Solo Weightshift, electric)
WL2T (2 seat Weightshift)
WL2E (2 seat Weightshift, electric)
AL1T (Solo 3 Axis)
AL1E (Solo 3 Axis, electric)
AL2T (2 seat, 3 Axis)
AL2E (2 seat 3 Axis, electric)

PF1Tm (Solo, male)
PF1Tf (Solo, female)
PF1E (Solo, electric)
PF2T (2 Seat)
PF2E (2 Seat, electric)

PL1T (Wheels, Solo)
PL1E (Wheels, Solo, electric)
PL2T (Wheels, 2 seat)
PL2E (Wheels, 2 seat, electric)

Powered Hang gliders
WF1T (Solo)
WF1E (Solo, electric)
WF2T (2 Seat)
WF2E (2 Seat, electric)

Microlight Autogyros
GL1 (Solo)
GL2 (2 Seat)

WS1 (Solo Weightshift)
WS2 (2 seat Weightshift)
AS1 (Solo 3 Axis)
AS2 (2 seat, 3 Axis)

WM1 (Solo Weightshift)
WM2 (2 seat Weightshift)
AM1 (Solo 3 Axis)
AM2 (2 seat, 3 Axis)

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30 Apr 2021, 18:06

Claim Form

As from 1 Jan 2007 the standard FAI claim form must be used for all microlight and Paramotor record claims even if you are intending just to claim a UK national record.
The latest version is always available at at www.fai.org/cima-documents (records section).


  • Please read the notes in the claim forms carefully. They are designed to help you make a sustainable claim.
  • The claimant should include their BMAA membership number in the Form 2 : Pilot section. The co-pilot also must have a FAI licence valid for microlights and paramotors which means they must also be a BMAA member (or BHPA, in the case of Paramotors).
  • Make sure you know the current record so you know what you have to exceed! (including the minimum allowable margin). UK records and outstanding claims are on this site and World records and World records pending ratification at FAI.
  • If you intend to claim a World record, a preliminary claim must be received by FAI HQ in Switzerland within 7 days of the attempt. Thereafter the claim must be recognized as a UK record and the full dossier received by FAI from the BMAA (representing the Royal Aero Club) within 120 days. Time is short! Get your claim to the BMAA Chief Observer as soon as possible!
  • All record attempts should be done with a GPS based flight recorder (FR). Section 10 (sporting code section) Annex 6 contains all the detail but in summary, some records can be succesfully claimed with evidence from an ordinary GPS, but the best solution (and in some cases the only solution) is one which is approved by the International Gliding Commission (IGC) for Gliding World records. The difference between these and any other is that they are simultaneously a barograph recording atmospheric altitude, and the data from them can be output in an encrypted form which FAI will believe without question. For a list of IGC approved FRs and approval documents see www.fai.org/igc-documents (GNSS recording devices section).
  • Fees: Within reasonable limits, administration and assistance by BMAA in establishing UK National records for BMAA members is free. For non-members the charge is £50 per claim, regardless of eventual outcome. FAI charges CHF 200 per World record claim regardless of whether the claim is eventually ratified or not. FAI sends the bill to the RAeC who pass it to BMAA, and it is the claimants responsibility to repay BMAA.