Printed map

The official map is 1:100,000 scale and will be specially printed, but is identical to the one commercially available from Shocart and known as Krkonoše, Podkrkonoší, Náchodsko ISBN 80722242177.

Digital map

The digital map is slightly different to the printed map in as much as the captions (place names Etc) are often a slightly different scale and orientation, but the basic cartographical information is the same. It also doesn't quite cover the same area as the printed map.

Digital maps are available here in several forms.

The nature of this particular map does lend itself to quite accurate calibration in other digital mapping softwares, but we like Oziexplorer because it has a very sophisticated and accurate calibration setup far superior to many others and the registered version handles very large map images in a way that doesn't consume much computer memory.

If you want to use the map in other software, the map datum is WGS84 and the projection is UTM Zone U33. To calibrate it, ten points have been placed on it which correspond to the same UTM grid as on the printed version. As an example, you can see the point 580000E 5580000N just to the east of the airfield. Extensive real-life checks confirm these points are accurate to within one or two pixels.

To convert from UTM to lat-lon, a good place to start is Ed Williams' Aviation formulary.

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