Open Czech National Paramotor
Championships 2009 Intranet

This championships is now finished.

See the photos of the winners and the final scores for classes PF1, PL1, PF2 and PL2.

It is an enormous job for a championship organization to print and distribute all the task definition sheets, scores and other papers to competitors. This leads to delays.

In an effort to streamline the system and be more environmentally friendly, practically nothing was printed and all this information, including task briefs, latest news and scores was published here and accessed by pilots via an effecient wireless connection on site, or a copy of it on the off-site mirror.

The system worked continuously and flawlessly during the entire competition week and was a very succesful test for the World Paramotor championships at the same airfield between July 30 and 9 August 2009.


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