Arrival and departure gates at Nové Mesto nad Metují airfield

Takeoffs and landings at the airfield will NOT normally be timed. Instead, the time will be taken when pilots fly through entry and exit gates. This means pilots have a free flight inside the airfield where there may be other traffic to worry about.

There are four gates, each 400m total width, positioned exactly at the end of each runway.

They are named AF1, AF2, AF3 & AF4. The center of each gate is half way between the red runway markers. AF1 & AF3 are aligned East-West and AF2 & AF4 are aligned North - South.

Unless otherwise briefed, AF1 will be the departure gate (the IP) and AF4 will be the return gate (FP).

It is OK for a pilot to land after the task window close time, so long as he flew through the FP gate before the task window close time.

Pilots must NOT take off before the task window open time even though their timing in the task does not start until they pass through the IP gate.

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