News: 28 June 2011, Message from the producer

Dear all,

We did it! It was about three years ago that we decided to start an endeavor that would take us to the five archipelagos that surround Africa:

Zanzibar - Mauritius - Madagascar - São Tomé and Principe - Cape Verde

During this time, the project went through many changes. We had to solve problems that we did not even know existed when starting with the films: logistical, technical, financial, legal, religious, medical, political - and last but not least weather problems. But - with your help - we solved them all. The results are five beautiful films that we can all be proud of. The German and French versions (43 min) of OVER THE ISLANDS OF AFRICA will premiere on German-French broadcaster ARTE from July 11th to 15th, each night at 7.30 pm. By then we should also be finished with the longer international versions.

Each one of you was involved in some way or another, and we needed you all. I wish to thank all of you for your collaboration and dedication, for your patience, courage and commitment.

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Thanks a lot - Muito obrigado - Danke schön - Asante sana - Merci beaucoup - Misaotra betsaka

Joint Aviation Services, suppliers of insurances to the expedition
Micro Avionics - Suppliers of pilot intercom and radio equipment to the expedition
Cam-ARA - Suppliers of video equipment to the expedition
SKYDRIVE, the UK Distributor of ROTAX engines
Articole Studios - GRP mouldings
Polaris - manufacturer of the FIB